Suppliers in Mississippi

I’m currently looking to swap suppliers in MS. I’m located in central MS. If there’s any guys in the state here in the forums I could use some help. Major cities closest to me are Jackson, Meridian, and Starkville. Any help would be appreciated.

Suppliers of what exactly?

Pressure washers 4 GPM+, surface cleaners, SH, and all your basic equipment (wands, tips, quick connects, needed plumbing for trailer builds, etc).

Ah, I see. Well, good luck with your search. Hopefully some MS folks will chime in. You can buy nearly all of that online but I understand wanting to buy local and you definitely won’t find decent SH online so good on you for supporting local business.

I enjoy having a dependable supplier that I can call on a minutes notice and have a part I need, especially in todays industry. Seems like every time I search for something I need online it’s on backorder. I got a lead earlier from a friend on a possible supplier that would be relatively convenient, hopefully that works out for me. And also what you said is definitely true, it’s good to support local businesses.

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