Sunscreen on vinyl

Does anybody know how to get sunscreen off of vinyl siding?

Water… Unless it’s water proof sun screen that is

I can’t help myself… how did they get sun screen onto the vinyl.

I wonder if a graffiti remover would have successful results. Worth a shot. Maybe oven cleaner? Works on oil based deck stain on vinyl.

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Is there alot of oxidation on the siding?


It was a clients daughter who decided to write her name in sunscreen on the vinyl siding. Sunscreen is oil based and I don’t think a regular house washing solution would do the trick.

Not to much oxidization happening

Do you recommend any graffiti removal products?

Let’s see if anyone else has an opinion before I recommend something I’m not sure will work…I’m sure someone here has run into this before.

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You know my response




Lol that’s my option 2

How much are you charging to clean it?

I keep a magic eraser in the truck at all times. Lol. I know this is the 1000 time I’ve said it, but Barkeeper’s friend and magic erasers might actually be magic. Might have to hand scrub the side.

I’m curious if the sun block protected the siding and if gutter grenade would do the trick.

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How long has it been there?

Oily stuff on vinyl will shine it up for awhile, but it fades away. I’ve had this little experiment going on for 3 weeks. The only spot that is still shiny is the top of the shutter I put ATF on (which is protected by being tucked up under my deck).

Use a degreaser, EBC, Red Raider, etc with warm, not hot water, should get rid of most of it.


Any update on this, how’d you get it off?

Any updates same problem