Sunday..... no less



Do you pre marinated ?

The wings yes.
But this time i did a dry rub on them.
Usually i marinate in oil, water and spices

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I’m upset at the recent lack of bacon

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Lol… i am the bacon

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DO you oil your grates before putting the meat on them?

SIde note, do you wash to afford all that meat? Steak has shot up in price in my area, burger too. Bird not so much. Watching this makes me hungry.

Meat has went up here too. Brisket alone went from $3.99 a pound to $5.99 a pound. Keep in mind this a very small old fashion butcher shop in a town of 800 people so prices are a little higher than others. I spoke to the butcher the other day when getting a brisket and he said prices should start going back down in a month or so. That was before all these new covid cases so who knows. The heck with saving change for a rainy day. We need to buy a cow and pig and save them for a rainy day.

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I do not grease nor oil them up. I heat it, and use a potato or onion to rub the grill, that way nothing sticks to it.

PW is not the only business i have.

I only grill on sundays, the rest of the week is home made food. Nothing frozen, nor microwaveable. Helps to be married to a latin woman who knows how to cook

I buy my meat at restaurant depot.

And have a 24ft3 chest freezer in the garage, and a 34ft3 fridge inside and an extra french fridge in the garage.

The spare short ribs i get at compare foods, mexican/latin grocery store.

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Potatoes have anti stick properties? Interesting.

That is pretty interesting. Probably does a good job at cleaning the grates too. I guess oranges would work even better cause of the d-limonene…lol

I prefer to rub my grill grates with bacon.

Anything starch based works.
My dad tough me that… google it…

I am going to start charging…:beer::peru::call_me_hand:


A handful of spaghetti noodles? @MuscleMyHustle is probably trying it right now so he can cook some shrimp on the barbie.

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Shrimp saturated in garlic butter. It cannot be beaten EVER!


I 100% agree. Whenever the wife wants to go to Red Lobster I always get the Shrimp Scampi. It’s definitely my favorite way to eat shrimp. I bet you’re spoiled with all the great fresh seafood there. The only thing fresh we get around here runs around on four legs.

Thanks for sharing that, didn’t know that. I always have a ton of olive oil on hand because I eat tons of pasta and bread, don’t eat potatoes all that often. I will be keeping this one in mind for the next chcken/buger/dog/brat grilling. I’m wondering if it will change the flavor of foods at all, just hints not real flavor.

I think you have more space than my BIL and he has a walk in.

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no change in flavor, no worries, if not use an onion.

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Thanks again, will use this this week. Does the type of onion matter at all? THe video says that it gives the meat a great flavor, I normally use vidalias as I like their taste.

Nope i use yellow, white, purple, sweet.
Whatever we are cooking with or left over.
It does not, neither the potato, give any enhanced flavor to what u are cooking