Sunblock stain on bluestone

A lady reached out to me yesterday who stayed at a vacation rental with her kids. They drew stuff on the bluestone around the pool with sunblock. The sunscreen was an aerosol can of zinc oxide. I read on another forum that the aerosols have a plastic in them. Does anyone know what it would take to get the stains out? I’m going to look at it in person tomorrow and if there is a chemical I can use to get it out (assuming hot water at 2800 psi doesn’t work) Would like to bring that with me and just get the job done right then. Thanks in advance.

Id try a solvent like MeK if nothing else in hand. Even isoprpryl.

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just be real careful, I’ve seen blue stone etch even at 900 psi


Looks like I’ll drop down to a 20 orfice tip then. Thanks for the heads up!