Summertime footware

Hi guys!! I broke down and bought Muck boots and I kick myself for going so long with cheap footware. I was wondering what most guys wear in the summer time?

I wear tennis shoes and sometimes flipflops. My wife is typically shoeless. Lol
When doing breezeways or curbs. Rest of the time redwings low cut boots.

Thanks so much!! Those low top Reeds are just what I had in mind.

Here are my summer shoes they are pretty comfy and feet slide in and out easy… :grinning:

I got em on SALE!!


I think they were talking about shoes they work in

Do you use the waterproof type Redwings? I’ve always had a problem with my feet getting clammy and eventually blistering in gore-tex type boots.

I’m a leather boot guy for the most part. Mink oil applied regularly. The rubber boots are for curbs and breezeways.

Super light & comfortable

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Just ordered a pair. Couldn’t pass up trying them when they’re only $44.

Well worth the $ IMO. Don’t leave them in direct sunlight, they will shrink to a kids size boot in a day.