Summer shoes review Xtratuff brand


Just want to rave about these new summer boots I bought. They are light weight, very comfy, fully water proof and have good grips on the bottom of them. My favorite part is the low profile on the boot. As you all know my company name is AquaTeam PowerWash so I had to fit the part with the skins on the boot!


Good boots


how do they feel on roofs? do they hold up on a decent pitch?


They feel good on roofs I don’t wear them on there if I can avoid it though. I prefer to have my shoes tight if I’m walking roofs.


Where you get those?


I wear them everyday I work. They’re great. I recommend adding some insoles though, I only wear my Mucks when I am doing flat work because they are taller…


You can find them on Amazon and Dick’s sporting goods. They fit true to size if you buy off Amazon.


If you like the fish scale look, check out Huk if you haven’t already.

It’s a fairly new apparel company targeted towards fishers. Some of the owners used to work for UA. I don’t buy the stuff as I’m not that into fishing but my brother in law claims it’s pretty good quality.