Any suggestions on cleaning the building caps where a lift is not accessible. Only thing I can think of is a suspension harness.

Lean on over the top with a pump up sprayer


How about renting a broom cherry picker?

How high is that it looks like you could reach that from the ground.

It is 3 stories

That was an thought

I would do that but what is not pictures is a stair case that wraps around the front of the building with no access points

then walk away

  1. If that’s copper next to it. Definitely walk away.

  2. If it’s only 3 stories you could probably get it for the ground with the X-jet no problems. If there is a problem, 8 foot step ladder. Double your surfactant so it clings like an ex-girlfriend and start washing the suds off the brick and surrounding areas immediately. That’s an easy day in my book.

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Great thanks for info

Thanks for info I am gonna go back and look another time before deciding to take it or not. Huge area for profit on a college campus with 15 buildings like this.

Take more pics, that’ll help us help you

Harness up and lean over the top.


Great thank you

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Got 'em from ace for 48 and change.

Gottcha, how about a crane, could bring you in from the nearest street.

If you decide to lean over the building get your self a flexible wand. I have one and it really comes in handy sometimes.

Like this…I looked for it on wcr and would have posted a link there but didn’t find it in their store.