Suggestions on how to go about large/ newer driveway

Got a chance do to this driveway through my boss in a very nice beachside neighborhood. Already gave price but wanted to get some opinions on what you would charge and how you would go about doing. The driveway is 5100sqft and is 5-6 years old. dirt needs to be removed and the entire driveway/ sidewalk is getting done. I have a plan for the dirt. My concern is the age of the driveway, I have read many post about damaging newer driveways and want to avoid at all cost. The actual driveway is not that bad, was thinking maybe just treat and rinse like a softwash? What do you guys think? Opinions please!

Just do a small test spot and see how it works, check for milky looking run off. Also all that dirt and stuff, scoop and remove as much as you can dry. When they turns to mud you will have just made exponentially more work for yourself

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I think @DJPWS might have done a parking area recently that had some nasty dirt build up. You could obviously shovel it off with a square point shovel / grain scoop but you could also consider using a handheld paddle broom or handheld power broom. Or a walk behind sweeper. But then once the dirt is removed then you could wash it. Definitely consider pre and post treating at least the sidewalk and the area by the garages. Others with more experience will be here soon with solid advice. Good luck!

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@PPWofLexSC I tried for that job but they called and told me the rain took care of it “yeah right” lol. But the plan was to rent a sweeper or a bunch of helpers with shovels and a bucket to scoop the bulk up. Then I’d surface clean. Never got the opportunity to though

I’ve done a bunch of post construction parking lots this year and i invested in the Stihl Kombi system and they have this brush that is AMAZING. It saves so much time


Used to sell those all the time when I worked at Stihl dealers. Works great for light snow dustings as well as artificial turf fluffing.

I have plan to remove dirt, Im just worried about taking off the “cream layer” will it be noticeable right away?

What do you suggest for pre/ post treat?

It’s a 5-6 year old drive. Not going to take the cream off as long as you’re under 2800 psi. The dirt is the pita. Otherwise, clean it like any other drive or is this your first drive?

No its not my first but I am new to the game. What age concrete is easy to damage ?

If it’s older than 2 years old it should be good. You can usually tell by appearance.

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If you know what you’re doing anything over a month ok. If not, give it a year or so to cure


Cleaning new concrete is all about technique and seeing enough of it to know what method to approach it with. Some say 2 years some say 12 months, what really matters is that specific piece of concrete in front of you.

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