Suggestions for this brick?

I have this job coming up, would this be a downstream or xjet strength in your opinion? She’s concerned about the foliage.

The brick patio has mortar inbetween, not sand. I’m thinking the surface cleaner should work.

The vine roots on the wall though have me concerned. I don’t want to kill them.

I mentioned the efflorescence and she’s not worried about that, just the mold.

dcbrock, I just did a job n the same type of patio. my 4 gpm 18 inch surface cleaner worked great! No cleaners. check out Dan’s vlog on you tube, he actually has a vid on using his surface cleaner on brick

I just did a similar patio and retaining wall. Due to the high amount of foliage I did not pre or post treat. Surface cleaner and Turbo tip made quick work of it and the client was over the top thrilled!

I was leaning that direction, wasn’t sure if a surface cleaner would work or not.

Ryan, got a link?

Do a test. I can usually clean brick with pressure only without issue.

Just be careful to not blow the mortar out of the joints


I pre wet it to soften it up. Turbo tip it, no chemicals. Only use the turbo if the brick is the right type and mortor is in good shape. Some brick is softer then others. After you clean it with just Pressure you’ll likely have some algae below the surface but still visible. You can’t clean it with pressure. Spot post treat it with a strong mix. The strength will vary but I generally use 50/50 in a pump up.

How exactly can I use my Ultra Clean on a wall?

As long as the mortar is in tact and in good shape, and there isn’t a sand coating on the bricks you can downstream hw mix, swell and hit if with a little pressure and it will look great. I wouldn’t x-jet without a proportioner around all those plants.

Surface cleaner will work again If the mortar is in good shape. B

Pump sprayer and Jrod or white tip for speed.


Probably better to use one of the smaller $60 surface cleaners. There’s been a couple of recent threads on it. :+1:

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