Suggestion High Pressure Washing

Hi guys, we are a small family bussines company, we are in Colombia and a few years ago we started researching about Trenchless Technology.
The waterblasting has excited us and we just bought some equipement.
Turns out, we have not the right efficiency, and right now we are kind of upset.

NOTE: we do not know the technical terms in english for the high pressure washing bussines

These are our specs
2 AR RGX2250HN Pumps - 5.8GPM at 7250 PSI (1450RPM)
2 Kohler 37HP engines (gas) (3600RPM)
2 GearBox Reducer of 31HP (2-2:1)
1 Root Rat Nozzle Kit (3/8)
1 Monro Jet (1/2) F4
200 feet of 3/8 Hoses (100 feet each)
We did an 3way coupling to assemble a dual system.
We did not achieve the 2500 PSI.

A guy of SOME KNOWN COMPANY told me that 37hp engine should work fine, but i think we need more HorsePower.
What do you think?
Do we need to change the pumps?
Do we need to change the engines?
Do we need 1/2 hoses instead 3/8?

NOTE 2: we need to remove very solid calcium carbonate of 3 inches water drains

I’m not an expert but it might help to post some pics

Your probably at the wrong forum. Very few people here will run over 4000psi . Anything over 5000psi is usually considered water blasting . Completely different set of rules and formulas for that. Also completely different industry.

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And no you don’t have enough HP . Mainly because your gear box will not let your run the engine to 3600rpm which is we’re the engine needs to be to produce the max HP

The Tiny Tach says 3600RPM

Gpm × psi ÷ 1100 = required horsepower. And that is all I know about high pressure stuff. Good luck

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Used to work for an environmental cleaning company and We used 10k/20k/40k psi hydro-blasting rigs and it looks like your machines are not gonna be up to par at the very least. Good luck

Okay ty, but i think is GPM X psi / pumpRPM (in this case 1450). I mean, some guy of a pretty known company suggested to us a 37hp. We are rookie in this field. Mistake.

I think you should know the real condicions 1st. Because that is something we have Been thinking about.

With 2500 psi we washed some part of CHO2. But we could not reach the 7k psi. That is the real question. With UR experience tell me, the monrojet f4 is not capable? Or is not about the nozzles, but the power we need.

Your said your pumps run at 1450 you also said your gear box is a standard 2.2 to 1 ratio. If your engine is running 3600rpm your way over reving the pumps

In terms of officiency, what does it mean?

Well, it’s bad for the pumps. And it also means they will require more horsepower to achieve the desired psi.

If the pumps produce 5.8 gpm at their rated 1,450 rpm, then they will be putting out about 6.5 gpm at 1636 rpm (3600/2.2). So your power formula changes to:

7,250x6.5/1100 = 42.8 hp.

It means your ratio is wrong to run that pump. 1450rpm pump x 2.2 your gear ratio = 3190 rpm your running it at 3600 that means your pump is turning at 1636rpm making your pump put out 6.5gpm @ 7250 psi would require 43hp. Again there is places that specialize in water blasting you best bet is to inquire with them. There is a lot of stuff to consider when setting up one of those systems.

Thank you all for you comments. Right now we are building a triple system with this pumps AR SXWA7G50 with the same 37HP kohler engine. I think that will work just fine with the MonroJet F4, the Root Rat Nozzle Kit and the Solo Turbine Nozzle. Also we are gonna use the 1/2¨ hose instead the 3/8¨ for more caudal.