Subscription based model

Hey guys, I was able to go to an entrepreneurial presentation at my college tonight. I was one of the presenters and I was able to show off my pressure washing business to local entrepreneurs in my area. It was a great way for me to network with local businesses. I was actually able to talk to a very big real estate guy and a man who owns multiple medical clinics in my area. Anyway, as I was talking to the real estate man he gave me the idea of a subscription based model.

The way he explained it was for example: You pay a monthly subscription for say 2 cleaning services each year
(granted this was coming straight off the top of his head so it is a very rough idea)
I suggested that it is like the company Triple A. You subscribe to them for potential incidents that may occur to your vehicle during the year (tire change, dead battery, out of fuel, etc.)

I just wanted to see if you guys had any thoughts on this.
He was suggesting it as a way to always have income coming in every month.

Again this is coming from a real estate guy that does not know the pressure washing business very well. Anyway just wanted input on this idea!

Have a great night everyone.

We’ve done a rough outline of what that would look like, and there are people (here I believe) which do it. We’ve even had a few people request it. I think the problem is as much logistics as anything else to maintain. The concept is pretty simple,or as complicated, as you want it to be. But every different thing than your norm that you offer also complicates your life and your systems.

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Yea after thinking over it more i feel like it would just complicate the business further. Good point!!

Sounds like to want to get into fleet washing on wash the same recurring 8,500ish trucks a week on a “subscription” :wink:


I thought about a sub model with a complete exterior cleaning; once a month car detailing, 2 house washes, 1 driveway clean, 2 gutters, 2 windows per year.

You can make it work, but that doesn’t mean you should. Monthly payments complicate the finances and logistics of the service provider to where it almost isn’t worth it, unless you’re making monthly visits.


What problem does this solve? You make money solving problems


That sounds complicated

That’s what stopped me on it…and you know everyone is going to want something different in their package (“I don’t have ______, can you just do my ____ instead as part of the package??” More time spent keeping track of things than actually washing them.