Stuff for sale

I closed my Florida location earlier this year. I brought this back and don’t want them. Probably around 600 hours in them. Message me if you have a reasonable offer


Gx690’s. They have general pumps so your getting junk there but not a lot of places in ft Meyers to get decent stuff. Is what it is

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I’m interested

@Innocentbystander do you have a number in mind for them?..i was just thinking I could run them till the general pumps croaked and then put some Udor pumps on and keep on rocking. Always nice to have extra equipment around


Will pay the delivery fee :grin:

Thiught of picking it up

$5k gets you both of them


Sorry… both?
Thought it was just 1 unit.

Nope. There are two of them. Both the same and both about 300 hours

Mufflers are off some old machines they had but they are the good ones

I would like to have an extra one.
If someone is willing to take the other one.
Will be replacing pump, belts, filtters, etc

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Aww you guys are bonding!! :blush:



Who was the lucky fella?


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