Stuck with a downstreaming issue


My apologies if I’m beating the dead horse. I’ve read through the forums and have not found an answer to my question/problem.

I’m running an 8 gpm machine with 200’ of hose. I have done the “tank test” and found that I am using 48 gallons of wash water to 2 gallons of SH. If I do the math correctly, I come up with .5% SH hitting the wall which I understand is too low. My question is how do I raise that percentage if I’m running 100% SH in my 5 gal downstream bucket?

Thanks for the help!

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Andy, have you tried a house wash with your set-up?


I haven’t yet. I’;m just getting into downstreaming so that I can start washing houses and buildings and wanted to get my setup dialed in before I did a paying job.


Are you using a fixed injector or adjustable?
And whats % of Sh you are starting with?


Its a fixed injector and I’m starting with 12.5%


I run an 8 gpm injector on an 8 gpm machine and pull straight 12.5% sh with surfactant. I have no idea what % I am hitting the house with but it works perfectly. If you can, find a friend’s house with some green stuff on it and test things out. I like to only need about a 5 minute dwell because after that the chems have dried on the house here in Florida.

Some guys with 8 gpm machines move down to a 3-5 gpm injector to pull more chemical.


Ditto on going down to a 3-5 gpm injector if your running an 8 gpm machine. I did that a year ago and am very happy with the results.
Also, I consider the injectors “disposable” - perhaps your old one is due to be replaced?


Thanks for all of the replies, looks like I’ll be picking up a 3-5gpm injector and I’ll give that a try.


You can also pump into the injectors chemical inlet with a 12v bypass diaphragm pump to raise your SH percentage


I’m a newbie and it’s my second post only, but always wondered if two downstream injectors can be connected in line for more pull if not double, I thought here would be a good place to post.



Siamese is the keyword you wana search.


Well I think I read that wrong disregard. Or learn cool stuff :wink:


Won’t work


Yes, and what if you connect one of those backpack sprayers output to the downstream injector input, or even x-jet input in this case and carry the backpack pump as it’s designed to be carried.


I see, I believe, thank you.


I know several people in the fence staining business that use the backpack sprayers to clean the fences with water and SH, of those people two of them have ended up with chemical burns from leaking fittings. In both cases it was during the summer and they were already hot and sweaty and did not realize it was leaking on them. I only bring this up because in spite of our best efforts things do leak and you can accidentally really hurt yourself.