Stuck keystock on crankshaft

Anybody have tips for removing a stuck keystock on the engine crankshaft?

Update: a 3/16" pin punch and a hammer popped it off eventually.


Drill a hole if you can in the end, and use a slide hammer. Alternatively weld an old set of vice grips to it and use a slide hammer.

Some heat might work, but you might hurt the shaft if it’s too much and make it eccentric. I’ve used a tig welder to get a little heat into things before, maybe just tack across the top. I don’t know if a pencil tip torch would be too much.

A chisel might work from the end, angling up, but be super careful.

Woo! Good job!! Disregard above. :smiley:

I was going to suggest that, but I assumed you’d already tried it or you wouldn’t be posting the question, lol. :joy:

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Haha to be fair, I had tried it! Trying it again and again and again is what worked.

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When you reinstall the key and pump put some copper anti seize on the shaft, key, and groove. Will make it easier to remove everything next time.


Just an add-on question to this thread- if you are removing a pump and putting the exact same model pump back onto the engine, is it necessary to remove the keystock in this situation?