Stucco Stains like this everywhere!

Hey all, here’s an example of the types of stucco stains I see everywhere in my area. These are “after” photos. This was my first house and it’s a friend’s, so I can do some more work on the stains if anyone has any suggestions.

Method of Application

  1. Pre-soaked stucco until it wouldn’t hold anymore water (garden hose nozzle).
  2. Liberally applied the following mix with a pump sprayer. 1 gallon - Water, 4 cups - 8.25% SH, 2 ounces soap
  3. Let dwell for maybe 5 minutes.
  4. Rinsed with garden hose nozzle.

It’s already hot in my area (Central California), so everything was drying up almost as soon as it hit the stucco. I just ordered an X-Jet after reading several posts on here about stucco. I saw so many flaws in my method as I read through them. What an amazing resource with so many helpful people!

Regarding the stains and my method, I’m imagining things will go much smoother once I try again with the X-Jet and a stronger mix, but I did work on the same type of stain on the front of the house with several applications (same mix as above) and the stain didn’t budge much. Is this the type of stain that requires a different cleaning agent than the house mix, or is it just a matter of setting the customer’s expectations and getting it to look as good as possible?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Sorry your post is known to cause cancer and birth defects in the state of south carolina.


Why are you wetting/fully saturating the substrate before chemical application? Your diluting it.


And you need 1:1 SH:Water using 8%.


First of all your mix was weak as has been pointed out, but where you’re cleaning the dirt has splattered up and baked on. SH may help, but unless they’re going to plant something it’s going to look just like that next time it rains. You need to use some soap and a brush and some pressure to get that off. If it was here, it’d be red mud and we’d be using acid to remove once we’d gotten off what we could with traditional methods. But all the SH in the world not going to completely clean that.


That thought crossed my mind but the stain is just as bad on the left side of the AC unit where there is no dirt.

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Careful, probably better call it the a/c unit lol!


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@Racer @Harold Thanks for the helpful replies, much appreciated!

Same here looks like they may have had a leaky hose hooked up causing moisture under and around objects on the left and mud stain/mold on the right.


I’d probably hit that with a little F9 and a little pressure. I agree with @Racer though, SH alone isn’t going to completely remove that.

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