Stucco mix

I need a pretty strong mix I think BC the stucco is green and cracking so I m going to have to use my ball valve for the job

I use my roof system for stucco snd dryvit.

What about a mix

SH and elemonator is what I use. Miix some up and test an area until you get the right mix for your application

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Just be careful putting pressure on it. It’s just layered styrofoam so you don’t wanna dent it. I tried a low pressure strong DS mix out of our pressure washer on the first dryvit job I ever did and it wouldn’t touch it. Had to do a strong mix from our roof pump to get it clean.

I’m glad I came across this thread, I have a 7,000 Sq ft house on Monday, all stucco, lol. But that’s what’s I suspected. That I’d have to use a strong mix thru my roof pump. How strong did you have to go to get results @anon1966941?

Man I can’t remember. I just kept making it a little stouter and testing it until I hit that sweet spot.

@Masterblaster57, if the stucco is cracking, get some before pictures.
Then they can not say you cracked their wall.

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Good call bill didn’t even think about that I’m going to be a pro camera man before I start lol

Yes indeed! I get before pics of every splintered board, cracked stucco, faded vinyl, faded paint, etc.

I found the sweet spot on that large stucco house I did the other day. Just slightly less than my roof mix, which is 40%, took care of all the bad green and black spots, then watered it back down to a more normal house wash mix for the rest. Worked great!

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