Stucco House

Hello all, I was wondering what everyone’s opinion was on cleaning this. Owner claims it is stucco but looks like Dryvit. I know most of you guys apply solution with a roof system for these types of houses but I don’t have that capability yet, I will be downstreaming. The worst spots are only the areas underneath the windows as pictured, the stucco/dryvit areas are clean other than that. Thanks for the input.

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I’ve cleaned plenty of stucco and some dryvit homes just downstreaming.
Never had a problem.
Might need extra coats on super dirty spots, but under those windows look like 1 coat should do the trick, maybe 2.

On some spots you may have to mix up a stronger mixture and apply with a pump sprayer. I do this a lot on stucco homes that have been neglected for a while and especially the stripes under windows. Start milder and bring up the strength you need. Good luck

Thanks guys haven’t heard back but I’ll let ya know how it turned out if I end up with the job.

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Since we’re talking about stucco…how would you handle this? Heavy mold on stucco with canvas awnings below? I applied a mix of 50\50 12.5% to H2O by pump sprayer and nothing happens. I let it dwell for about 15 minutes. Just bought the SH yesterday so it should be fresh.

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I have had similar walls look like that and used less and had good results. This may be more of pollution and you may need something like one restore. Good Luck.

Turn down the psi on your pressure washer. If you dont have that option then get a jrod from bob at pressuretek.

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Xjet will really help on stucco/dryvit if you don’t have roof pump

I keep some Simple Cherry an f13 around for just in your have to wash some stucco. It works better than anything else when down streaming. I don’t remember the exact mixture, but go to and search “wild cherry”. I did this house downstreaming wild cherry.

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I downstreamed a 50% bleach solution with Fresh Wash on green dryvit and was amazed that it cleaned it in one pass. I’ve done it a bunch more times since to prove it wasn’t a fluke.

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One of the reasons why I love using x-jets because they have the ability to spray on a much stronger solution if needed.

I started out with the x-jet when I first started to experiment with pressure washing and two spilled 5 gallon buckets later I learned how to downstream. I guess I wouldn’t have had to worry about spilling with that setup.

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Where did you get that water tank from? I’m looking to do that exact setup and couldn’t quite find one. What size is it and how much hose do you have?