Stucco Chimney


I am providing an estimate for a stucco home that has a stucco chimney in poor shape. The chimney has black steaks similar to what you would see on a roof. Has anyone worked on stucco in this condition? What are chances the stains will go away with a roof mix?


X jet that with 2-3% applied, should come right off.

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Roof mix will make it go away as you watch.


4%+ mix
If you can walk roof, pump up sprayer. Less over spray.


If you hit it with a roof mix won’t you have issues with a partially cleaned roof?!

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I’m with Donte. If you can walk that roof just take a pump sprayer with roof mix and watch it disappear before your eyes.

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It may come out completely, but it may also leave light streaks behind. Xjet could possibly take 2 or more applications, or just one with the proportioner removed. It just depends. I’ve had horrible black stains on stucco come out with 50/50 and a light rinse, and I’ve had lighter stains that still had light streaks left behind from where the paint was worn down from rain running down it so much. Set mediocre expectations, and if it comes out fine, you’ll have an ecstatic customer who can’t believe what a great job you did.

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Excellent point bigfoot. I have had a customer insist I clean her whole roof for free ! [ to make it look uniform] after treating a chimney. I politely told her you just got a free house wash & retreated briskly. She did actually pay me after talking with her husband [the smarter half] & have been cleaning their home for over 20 years…


I finished this job this weekend and it went well. Using my booster pump I applied a strong mix on the four sides and around the ten minute mark the black streaks disappeared like a magic trick.

The difficult part of this job was the need of a 24 foot ladder to get to the roof line. I don’t care for heights that much.

The rest of the stucco house wash went well. However, I did run out of soap so I used more bleach than I wanted to.


Washing those chimneys 3-4 stories up separates you from last year’s guy. Seems to be overlooked around here. “Wow you even got the chimney, nobody can ever get the chimney, we will call you next year for sure”


I do then regularly around here. Lake front homes in CL. I hate stucco but the money is good and they are always impressed.


Any problem streaking the roof?


None so far. I didnt really think about it because the last few that I hit hard had new roofs

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I brought it up as a risk. But no I didn’t notice an issue.

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