Stubborn gutters

Lately it seems like I am having a very hard time getting 90 degree sections of gutter clean. All the straight sections of gutter will clean up with a little F13, but for some reason the 90s won’t clean. Anyone else run into this problem before?

We run into this sometimes…it is almost like it is a different type of material…plus those corners are hard to scrub if they are really bad

A lot of the elbows are premade and the gutters are made on site, different aluminum stock is used, so cleaning it can be inconsistent.

That would make sense if the materials are different. Thanks John

I had the same issue today. Got up on the ladder to inspect and here’s what I found:

Once I got up there I saw a film on the aluminum, some hack (probably the HO) put clear caulk on the outside of the gutters to seal up leaks. Since the water was behind the sealant, so was the mold. Only good thing was the caulk was easy to pull off since it was so dirty behind it. Cleaned out the gutter and educated the HO to seal it from the inside once dry. Made them very happy

Andrew J. Theis
Integrated Power Washing