Stubborn Battery Acid Stain 😤

I have only been in business for about 5 months. Got a women that over filled her golf cart battery’s and left a stain on concrete driveway. I have three products for this Clear Pink Stuff,Aluminum Brightner and a gallon of liquid Oxalic Acid.Tried all but the oxalic 50/50 and also straight.Also tried bringing up PH first with hot mix of sh and the next day hit with degreaser fist then rinse well and hit with the acid and agitated after then rinse. They lightened some but the heavy areas are so stubborn!Am i doing something wrong?

I’m petty sure methyl ethyl ketone MEK will do the trick. expensive stuff comparatively to other expensive stuff we use. full strength.

Ok i appreciate it’ll have to look that up.

What F9 is made for. Will clean that up in no time.

exactly what racer said.

Get/download the f9 cookbook for more instructions/examples (it was on sale for .99). Don’t do a spot, do a section so it blends in better (sometimes it makes the spot look whiter than the surrounding concrete if you spot treat). Don’t be tempted to “up” the mix, as you can etch concrete.

Okay yes I figured that. Just was trying to get away a little cheaper but I guess if you get what you pay for LOL