Stuart from PWRA BBQ visits us and misses a surprise:)

Stuart Hemby my Cornhole partner at the PWRA"s 1st official BBQ came out to see my guys working in the Big Apple. He’s a Window Cleaner thats expanding outwards more and more into the Powerwashing field as well. He already does Houses etc.
We already Cleaned a Strip Mall earlier this past Sunday on Long Island then we headed out to the city to service 19 locations.
It was cool seeing Stuart and showing him some of the stuff we do. He also got to try one of the Powerwashers on my truck that is rated at 10gpm @ close to 4000 psi. This machine is so powerful that I showed him how it can clean a walkway by just with a PW Gun at your side. Stuart followed us to a few locations because we just bang and go.

We service some locations that are in the coolest area’s in the city such as Park Avenue, Near Wall Street,Central Park, The village and other cool places.

After Stuart left one of the locations while my guys were working I was looking at the belt on my Generator that I finally installed on one of the Powerwashers. I’m looking up at it and it occurred to me that the back of this building is just going up and up. I’m now staring at it because its not a view I’m use to seeing from this angle. We service a place for 12 years now down the road from the front of this bldg but the back it caught me totally by surprise because where right on top of it(Figure of speech). Its the Empire State Bldg… How sweet is that:D