Strobe for remote

So many choices, what roof strobe light have you found works well for a remote downstreamer? I was thinking magnetic so it wouldn’t be exposed to the elements all the time.

Peterson Clear Back-Up Light M392c

One on the top of the headache racks and one one on the top of the machines in the back so we can see at least one easily. Swap the incandescents for led bulbs. The ones linked are hella bright with great daytime visibility. I’m not out in the day though lol.

Led BA15s Bulb 12V AC/DC 1156…

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I have an enclosed trailer, was looking at something like this…but magnetic.

Are you using the strobe so when you are (for example) pulling soap the strobe is on, and when you are straight water the strobe is off?
Just curious. Cool idea as it seems you really dislike walking back and manually switching.

It’s not my idea, someone else on here came up with the idea. It’s like you said, for when the valve is on for soap. I usually run the full 200’ of hose out and we have a lot of dropout-back homes here so hiking back to the trailer is exhausting for me.