Stripping water based stain

I am having a tough time stripping what I believe is three coats of water based stain. This is a Behr stain. Behr recommended their stripper (no. 64) of course. I have applied, scrubbed and washed 5 times already. It is working but will break me at $20 per Gallon. At this rate, it will take almost 15 gallons to complete this project. Does anyone know of a different formula that I might try?

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What area of the country is your business located in and who is your main supplier?

We are located in East Texas. I use products from pressuretek and NewAgain.

Order a real stripper. F-18 and F-8 from Bob are what you want.

F18 and F8 are great for oil based stains. Bob and team do not recommend them for water based stains. I ended up using them as they are far better than the Behr product any way. They worked but not with ease. It took four applications to cut the stuff. Has anyone ever heard of or used HD80? Through all my research, it is the only product that I have found that targets water based stain. Haven’t tried it yet but will in the next week or so. I have 6 jobs backed up that are all in the same RV park that will only allow the use of water based products.

HD80 works well too. I used it before I started buying F-18 in bulk.

Are you sure this stuff is water based? Doesn’t seem like it should be this hard to remove.

Yep. It is the Behr water based stain. Granted, there are at least 3 or 4 coats, so that is part of the problem. I’ve been able to strip one coat with NewAgain Roof and Deck. Multiple coats are kicking my arse.

So would you recommend HD 80 or do you feel like F18 is a superior product?

Your input is much appreciated.

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That is doubly strange since most water based products are not meant for multiple coats.

PERSONALLY I had better luck with F-18. I am not saying to go against what Bob says his products are for by any means, just sharing my experience.

I have accidentally removed water based sealers with a hot house wash mix before. This is why it seems odd that this job is giving you such a hard time.

Thank you so much for the feed back. Who knows for sure what all was really applied to that deck. Actually, I started with a house because I too have experienced that. Glad I am on the back side of it now. Still nervous about the upcoming jobs. I am going to get some HD 80 and try it side by side with F18.

I am working a a very popular fishing lake that has tons of RVs with 500 sq ft decks. These are weekend places that people usually don’t read the application process, they just pull out a roller and start applying. The sooner it is done the sooner they can get back on the water and catch the start record black bass.

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