Stripper/wax runoff removal on cement

Good evening, I was wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of removing stripper/wax run off from concrete. My current job involves some surface cleaning which entails attempting to remove VCT stripper slush from this past summer that leaked out onto the concrete from the interior of the building. I attempted SH, then attempted F18 at a mix of 7oz to one gallon, 10 min dwell time with agitation halfway through and the use of a turbojet, no dice. I can always try a hotter mix but I was wondering if anyone might be able to offer a recommendation for removal of the stain?

If it’s wax I would think hot water is a good option.

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Mineral spirits?

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As mentioned above I would use hot water. I’d also try a degreaser.

Thanks for the responses @marinegrunt, @APW1, @dcbrock. I’ll be going back to that site this afternoon to give it another go and will follow up.

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What are you all doing to the poor stripper’s up there?
Girls are doing a hard job, need to be kinder to them… :wink:


Floor stripper will do it.

Give us an update when you can…with pics if possible.

Update with photo will be this evening. Sorry folks, it’s been a busy few days

Only one stripper joke. You guys are professionals.

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Really was waiting for this one to light off like a Roman candle but it never happened. It’s the end of the season for most so I guess they’re getting lazy and unimaginative.

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Yeah, I felt that was a golden opportunity, but no one jumped in… kind of felt like I lowered the tone of the whole post.

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Uploading: 20191015_140731.jpg…

After use of stripper.

Oops forgot to send this, opened the page and it was still there…


Looks much better. What was your process?

My apologies for the delay but it’s been a busy few weeks. For this job i mixed a 1 to 10 ratio of Spartan Laminate Lights® EnduraSTRIP, it’s a butyl-based stripper, in my pump sprayer, applied and let dwell for 5 min before agitating it. After another 5, making sure to keep it wet, I took the turbo jet to it.