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Over in the window cleaning world, we put out a business magazine. Its about window cleaning but mostly covers the business end, so most pressure washers would probably like it… You can snag it here free - Window Cleaning Business Owner Magazine Issue #14 Downloadable PDF

But anyway, we interviewed this guy Josh that runs a window cleaning / pressure washing business… you can see on the cover here, he has come out with this really cool app - Flyers Are Dead

I have been playing with it for the past month or so, and its so cool… Give it a look over, this is going to be so good for pressure washing and roof cleaning especially.

And of course we have already worked up an agreement to get PWRA members a huge discount over the general public.

This is gonna be huge!!! A 2-4% return is feasible with this technology.

Yep! Our initial mailing is already over a 2% response rate…

How do we open that Magazine file? I went to the ordering site and it was free to order but I can’t open it. It says order is being process.

I think it’s like the downloads for the marketing items. Our orders have to be processed first, then we get a link to download it.

chris what is the discount for members???


Normal price is $39.95 a month

PWRA members pay $29.95

So its a $120 a year savings… You can see some more about the costs here and how it all works - What is the monthly cost? - Street Bidder Q&A

Hey John as Sulttan said we approve downloads once or twice a day, its just a pdf file so it should open on whatever…

To learn more about it, pop your email address in here - Street Bidder and you will get more info and alerted when its officially released.

I like the concept. Maybe I’m not really getting it though. I like the idea but it seems like there would be a lot of work, driving by and taking pics of peoples houses and what not.

Also when I bought my house there were other realtors driving by and taking pics of my house. I noticed a few of them and it was really getting me mad. I ran out of my house ready to smash the last one that I saw and when I started yelling at him he explained that realtors do that for comps. I was cool with it after that but I can imagine that it might get some people mad.

Heres a little vid of it in action…


Yea I was thinking that at first as well before I started playing with it… I think though after playing with it for weeks, it will actually be less time consuming the eddm mailers. Once you have them, they get stored forever. So next time your ready to do a mailing you just hit a couple of buttons… No paperwork, research, trips to the post office, etc…

We had 2 mad people out of 30 that called… We sold one of them :slight_smile:

Yea yea yea its like the coolest thing since WCRA and PWRA but come on already when can we start using this??? I got a ton of flyers to put out and would much rather do this!!!

Probably in about a week or so… Be sure you get your email add on this list - Street Bidder for early access…

I really like this idea, I was just thinking that I need to get some flyers out for the summer. Just a couple of questions Chris, on your video, when you circle on your overlay map and selected to send to about 120 houses. What it is the total cost to send those postcards to those house? And if you have 2-3% return what it is your $$$$ return? Last question, after I pay $29.95 monthly for this service, do I still have to pay for printing my postcards and postage or it’s all included on my monthly fee?

The way I understand it, when you are a member at $29.95/month, your selected entries stay on file on their server as long as you are a member (and up to 90 days after you quit paying). If you want to send a batch, the cards are $.47 each and I don’t think that you have to send a bunch to get that price.

(There is a way to try it for free without paying the monthly but the cards are more expensive and all of the homes that you enter in the database get dropped after ninety days).

Those 126 cards would cost about $60.00 to send. Each company can expect a different return but Alex recently said that they are up to an almost three percent response. Three percent of 126 addresses should be four calls. Those calls have received a highly specialized direct mail piece that has some price ranges listed. I believe that those are going to be some of the best pre-qualified leads/calls that you can expect.

If you close seventy five percent of your highly targeted, self-qualified leads, then in this limited example, you you should sell almost three of those customers. If your average ticket is $400.00, then you would gain $1,134.00 worth of sales for $60.00 invested. (Plus time, effort, and subscription). $1,134.00/$60.00 is 18.9. That is, you would get $18.90 for each dollar invested. Now scale that up to one thousand cards and you start to see the possibilities.

I am interested in it and definitely want to try it out if nothing else. I have submitted my E-mail with no response is this because its not live yet? And is it going to be available for Android as soon as it becomes live?

Hey Gus!
[MENTION=6510]Tim4[/MENTION] nailed it.

Yep you will get an email the moment it is available to the general public. PWRA members will be able to use in a few weeks before the general public, that should be next week at some point.

Android will probably be about a month behind the IOS versions…

The emails are coming soon. It’s not available just yet. Hopefully in a week or so.

Android will then be available within a month.