Street Bidder @ The PWRA Convention

Pressure Washing Convention

[h=5]Street Bidder has signed on as a sponsor of this years PWRA convention. Be sure to stop by there booth and say hi.[/h]

This looks like a hot topic Chris. Do you think down the road there may be a Webinar on this subject? Congrats on finding this Benny for the PWRA members. If I was at this Convention, this class would he very high on my list as a must attend. Cutting edge technology is at the forefront to many businesses today. People should jump on the PWRA Convention just for this and the other excellent classes being offered at such a reasonable price…

PWRA rocks!!


Thank you John, Im thinking we may do a PWRA AMA next week. [B]Ask Me Anything

[/B]​It will be webinar style and people just can fire questions @ Josh