Streaky windows

I hot the search bar first.
Just wondering if I should hit them again not mix and brush then rinse.

I rinsed them really well before
10% downstreamed 4-6oz elemonator in 5 gal bucket

How long did you search for? Your mix dried you have to make sure you keep it wet and rinse well to avoid this. Say you’re soaping 2 sides at a time, give the windows a quick spray on the side you’re rinsing 2nd when you’re about to rinse the 1st side.


Could also be high TDS in the tap water. I can rinse all day here in Louisville but it’ll still streak and spot at 230 TDS level.

Looks like the soap is going under the wood trim and then weeping out… Just re rinse it very well…

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Look at the photo it’s just dried soap


Too much eliminator.

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I forgot to say just soap it again and rinse well.

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It definitely dried soap you can see it under window. Use less soap in your mix. You don’t need much and the more you have the more you have to rinse. Light soap, keep’em wet and rinse a lot.

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When I’m hitting the search bar it’s only pulling up 4 articles… something happened with my phone used to load the whole page of articles

Try this
The search bar hasn’t been working for some people for a while now

Thanks. I had heard everyone complaining bout it not working. But it was fine for a while. I appreciate the advice guys!

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