Streaky Awnings

So we’ve been at these awnings a few times…
The process:
Trip 1: downstreamed and brushed (it did most of the job)
Trip 2: 4% & brush, then Gutter Butter & brush (did a pretty good job, but still not great)


After first trip (they darkened up some, looked perfect when wet):

After another pass of Gutter Butter and scrubbing and some 4.5% for good measure :

(still a film going on)

Any ideas what’s going on here, or what else to use?
Could that stucco/EIFs finish be oxidized or running down on them and spraying water/chem just keeps it coming?

I thought I had read somewhere that awnings, being fabric, should be post treated with a fabric softener and rinsed really well

Thinking @squidskc should be able to help you out. Here’s a 7 min video he posted not long ago (or I found it not long ago :upside_down_face: )

Edit: Seems as though he’s not been around in a while: Seen
May 13, 2021 This is what happens from doing “research”…all this stuff gets mixed together.

LOL Jason. You could enter those in the ugly awnings contest. First, you could possibly be right on the oxidation runoff due to the fact you used Gutter butter on them if your guys are shooting up onto the siding a lot when soaping or maybe even the paint. Don’t use ever for canvas/vinyl awnings- not needed.
Start over with HW mix, couple of passes -Make sure they soap both sides and then brush with soft-medium brush, all of it now, not just places. Then rinse the heck out of them, including from the underside with medium to med high pressure and make sure they don’t let mix dry on them. There’s a lot going on there for awnings that weren’t even that dirty to start with. I think 90% of the problem is employee caused. Looks like they soaped, brushed and then went to lunch before rinsing. On dark colors like that, hard to see if you get all the dirt sometimes when wet, but that should have been visible. Send an 8’ ladder with them, can scrub better off of those vs an extension and can get up to rinse better… What started as an easy job is now going to be twice as much work. I’d be having heart to heart with my workers on that one, brush marks don’t lie, lol.
Note: About the only time you need stronger than strong hw mix is if you have lichen in places or they’re really nasty. If Lichen, I usually just use pump to hit if not a lot.

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Yeah, and it not being vinyl may have hidden oxidized paint as well. I know that guy didn’t go to lunch though, he hasn’t stopped working long enough to eat a sandwich in years :rofl: Which leads to the likely answer that he was moving too fast. I wouldn’t have thought you’d need to hit the underside so much, but I guess it makes sense. Made him take a step ladder yesterday to get a better angle, and told him to take a pic before he wet each one so he could see where the issues were, even though he can’t see it wet. I was debating if we needed to go to get some Winsol next, since I keep hearing about it.

I’ve always downstream and occasionally had to use a hotter mix, brush if needed….and rinse the heck out of it. Don’t think I would have used the gutter butter though… I also treat and rinse top and underside. Hopefully you get it straightened out……


I think that rinsing pretty strongly from underneath helps flush the dirt / soap out of them. Usually I’ll rinse the top really well, then from underneath, and then top part again.

I use the Winsol Deep Clean occasionally. Call me and I’ll tell you a funny story about. Too long to type.
It does ok, but you still have to add SH to really nasty ones.