Streaks on Stucco, thoughts?

I bought that for $125. Gonna try it , but it’s big. So I think I’m gonna fix it to trailer and get a separate reel for it and run 80’ of 1/4 " poly to gun. But I’m cheap and hate waste, I don’t wanna flush 80’ of chems out every day.

If you start flushing with clean water you can spray back into your chem tank. It might not some testing to figure out how long it takes to flush the chemical so you don’t spray water into the chem tank. I’m thinking you could maybe use some food coloring in some water to test and set stopwatch. Then you’d know to flush for say 15 seconds before the water pushes through. Know what I mean?

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@Hotshot yours is fancy. But 125 bucks I would have bought it too. I like my little wagon unit. My next one will definitely have pneumatic tires.

Why 80 feet

No doubt that would work, but I’d have to do it myself every time. just wanna do my best to make it dumb,dumb proof for everyone to use

Its gotta be 80 to 100’ for us to reach all 4 side of a 70’ tractor trailer. we park about 20’ away so my rigs and trucks aren’t constantly get hit with chems from blow by all day. I’m not saying any of this is gonna work because now I’ll have 3 hoses for us to all get crossed. sometimes it be beneficial to use the KISS factor like my poly sprayers, but dang that gets old watching help spraying an old man peeing pattern, hitting nothing because there to lazy to pump.

Gotcha but if you had a little wagon you wouldn’t need that much hose and wouldn’t waste chems


Your definitely right.

Giving me all sorts of ideas, cool.

Just hire guys who can at least count to 15. :grin: Nah, I get what you’re saying.

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Lol, I’m trying, I don’t know about y’all, But its tuff out there to find anyone with a car and no rap sheet. Drugs have destroyed the newer generation. back in my day it was maybe pot heads and alcoholics, This meth and stuff makes ppl scary stupid.

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No one wants to work. Or they cant show up on time. It’s just easier to do it yourself. I really only have 3 rules

Show up on time
Dont be bum
No smoking on my job or in my truck


That’s a fact. You’re also correct about the drugs @Hotshot. Not only meth but pills which lead people to heroin and then to anything they can get their hands on. It’s also the generation of entitlement. The “everyone gets a trophy” has ruined work ethic. They are basically taught at a young age that there’s no reason to work hard because you’ll get the same reward as the people work work their butt off. My wife is a 2nd grade teacher and even sees it at that age but it gets worse as they get older. Then you have most parents who are on drugs and expect the teachers to raise their kids while there’s no discipline at home. Obviously not all but you can tell which kids had parent(s) and not friends raising them. It’s kind of like us and working smarter not harder to make our job easier. It’s just that their “working smarter no harder” is not working at all and expecting the government and anyone else to take care of them. Then in turn the politicians keep giving more and more freebies to get votes. It’s a vicious that’s never going to stop until the federal government is bankrupt or China owns us all.

I was at Dollar General once second in line. There was a couple in front of me with two carts full of groceries. The total came to almost $300. She pulls out a food stamp card which pays for part of the order. Then he pulls out a food stamp card which pays for the rest. They had a kid with them so obviously they aren’t getting married so they can both get benefits. I only had a package of toilet paper so was out the door while they were still loading up bags into the back of their 2017 BMW SUV which is what? A $70,000 vehicle?!!!

Why work when you can make more being on government aid? Obviously there are people who need help but they need to do a better job on weeding out the moochers. It’s too bad because it takes away from a lot of elderly and others who actually need the help. Sorry, I’m done venting.


As for hiring people, two thoughts:

Contact the youth pastor of a church in your area. Tell him you’re looking to hire for the spring/summer/whatever and that you would like him to give your number to the three hardest working, upright high school guys that are in his youth group. Tell him what you’ll pay. If it’s double the minimum wage, you’ll get calls.

Second, whatever place you frequent like McD or Taco Bell or Office Depot. Get to know one or two of the guys. Chat them up. (It’s like an informal interview.) After a few times over a few weeks, if they seem like a good fit, ask if they’d like to make twice what they’re making now. (You could also see if they have a weekday off and tell them you’re looking for some short-term help. That way if they stink, you don’t have to fire them. If it works out well, offer full-time.)


Around here that’s a mixed bag. The other half is no one wants to work for what people are paying. …
My day job, used to pride itself on hiring only the best, and had a pay pkg that went along with it. Over the last 10 years that has absolutely died. Why would a new hire want to learn about. Chemical coating, epoxy, lacquer and elastomeric finishes when they can make a buck more an hour ringing people out at target…

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Yep hell I pay my my guys 25 a hour still cant get anyone to show up


Yeah no excuse there. For hourly pay that’s great.

Thanks for the tip, is there a link you could provide to me for a 12v set up?

What type of hose is that on your 12v setup?

I think he has flexzilla hose you want that or kuri

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1/2 hose is what I use with a 7gpm pump charged off my vehicle in between trips to other jobs. Never out of juice. With the way I have it setup and connected to my truck, should I ever run the 12v battery flat I can just leave my truck on for a few minutes to finish job. Never had any issues. Set and forget system. Keep a spare 12v pump handy they always fail when you have “1 last thing to clean at 5pm” lol.