Strange Pressure Washer Hose

I’ve got a strange old pressure washer, Branded Powerwasher PWO-70-1400
Electric, but the hose is cut.
I managed to find out how to remove and re-attach the hose securely, however I have no method of finding a replacement as it seems to be an odd “Export” from some other nation.
The fitting that goes into the pressure washer it’s self is about 1.5cm(10/16ths inch) width fitting with a rubber O ring.
Are there generic hoses with fittings to fit it, or perhaps a place that does custom order?

Here’s the ID Plate

Amazing, are there any places to get new wands for something like that as well?
As far as I can tell, the wand does not disassemble and does not disconnect from the hose.

Sorry, I dunno. Those cheap units are not created for longevity and ease of repair or even parts availability for that matter. It’s made to a disposable standard.

Ah, quite unfortunate. Figured if I could get a hose that fit well, it would survive a bit longer till I could afford something a bit more useful.
Thanks for the help though!

Try ordering a few different hoses from Amazon until you find one that fits. They offer free returns on unused products if they don’t fit. You’ll find something I’m sure