Strange job


So I got a job doing this lady’s drive and around here pool and patio she said the brick are kinda old and I completely agreed and they was raised in places she only wants it treated rinse and after treatment with my roof system it is are up with weed and algae and some moss so I’m thinking should I hit it with my 50/50 roof mix then rinse then hit it again with my 50/50 roof mix someone told her chlorine would kill the sh would kill the weeds she had animals and don’t want to use anytype of weed killers so I got the job and this is how she wants it done…any thoughts?


In the words of @Innocentbystander, Walk away


Could he use medium/low water pressure with a turbo? I buzzed off some brick moss yesterday with mine.


Customer don’t want that


Please, please, pretty please… punctuate? :cry:



Insert where needed


I’ve read a while back on here (I think it was an IBS comment): “Don’t let the costumer tell you how to do your job”.

They called you because you’re a professional, if they try to tell you how to do your job walk away.


Explain to her that SH turns into salt when dry. Then you will use a neutralizer to restore the ph in the soil. Saturate the surrounding area to prevent/minimize anything being burned.


I have nothing professional to say about this insanity


I’m gonna surface clean the concrete but she just wants the red brick pavers treated customers request


A picture would help


My mind started to drift quickly when I realized there was no period anywhere in the post so I just stopped reading it


My guess is it’s old Chicago brick.


Doing the job today.will post pics. Not sure how the back is going to turn out.since she only wants it going to hit it with a 50/50 mix and see how it goes I will post before pics and after pics. I also believe it is old Chicago brick and I do mean old. A lot of vegetation and mold/algae.just doing as she ask so we shall see.


It will turn white eventually the stronger you go, but I would calll it clean unless you rinse it off. But if she good with it, why not go for it.