Strange finger print stain on vinyl

Newish build with a weird stain going on. Almost looks like finger prints are imbedded in the vinyl. Any ideas? Where stain is remains wet even after wiping with a dry towel.

What chems have you tried so far? Walk us through the processes you’ve attempted so far.

Does ho not have any idea?

I’ve tried a regular hw mix, ebc and other degreasers, goo gone, magic eraser, LA Awesome, all at various ratios.

Try some wheel brightener on it. Spray on, let sit a few min and then rinse off. May have to rub lightly if spraying doesn’t get it.

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If you have thrown everything at it, it is no longer dirty. I have a line in my terms that lets the customer know we are cleaners not restoration professionals. I can clean vinyl siding but I do not restore or replace. If you are taking before video it should have been pointed out in there as a problem area. If the client is not there i text them the pic of the area and explain that that may not come off. Clear it ahead of time so i don’t get lost on it.

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Thanks for the reply. The customer is and was fully aware that the organics would be the only contaminants removed, more or less I am curious as to what the cause was and what could potentially remove it. Looking back on my before and afters, the “befores” do show it underneath the layer of pollen…The customer is aware of that too.

I’ll try this. Thanks for the reply, I was hoping to get your input so it’s greatly appreciated.

someone could have had a solvent type residue on their hands or a pvc glue that was removed but still left a burn mark/ shadow.