Straight SH on roof HELP!

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Been reading and researching for a while and learning a ton. Business has been booming and frankly I am a tad overwhelmed. Been doing house washes and flatwork but today we tackled our first 2 roofs. We is me the owner and a hired hand.

I hit a major problem that I’m hoping to get help on and/or peace of mind. I have a proportioner on my air diaphragm dedicated roof setup. During setup on the job, the ball valve that allows water to the proportioner was left in the closed position therefor I was shooting straight 12.5% and surfactant on the roof. Being our first roof and using a strong mix, I didn’t know what to expect on a roof job so yes, it did raise alarms when it was stronger than anticipated but nonetheless I finished the roof. My hired help was saturating the ground and did a great job at keeping everything wet. Overspray was kept to a minimum and gutter drains were flushed thoroughly. It wasn’t until the next job that I noticed the valve was closed. I feel like an idiot and honestly don’t need to be ridiculed as this is already costing me a bit in chem. Yes I should have noticed it but being my first roof, I screwed up. Simple as that.

What now? I went back to the house and while it’s freaking super clean, the salt is clearly noticeable on the roof. I know that the rain will wash this off but would it be worth it to go back and rinse it tomorrow once most the chlorine in the solution has evaporated or should I just let nature takes it’s course and let it rain in a few days? If I wait for it to rain, should I go back tomorrow and resaturate the ground just to make sure the plants are all full of water?

I really don’t want this roof job to be my last because I have to replace $10k in plants. Any help will be appreciated.

Let it rain your fine. I’ve been doing this for yrs and made the same mistake last week lol. Wait till you soap and water a roof and forget to turn the SH on lol.

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If you have the time and it won’t cost you another job rinsing will save you peace of mind. Some guys rinse and some do not.

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That definitely eases my mind. And yes, I just talked to another roof guy that said that happened to him the other day. Did the whole roof and said it smelled fruity then went and checked to see a full SH tank.

Thanks for the input.

Thanks for the advice. I’m going to run by there again tomorrow just to take a look again and see.

Set your dial on the water to fully open and take the knob off. No need to mess with the water settings on a proportioner leave it fully open, we don’t clean anything with 12.5 out the tip. Adjust surfactant and sh according to what your cleaning. If you need to rinse or rinse pump, turn off sh and surfactant.

The water setting on the proportioner is set to wide open. It was the pvc ball valve from the buffer tank to the pump that was closed. I agree that you should never touch the water dial.