Storming all day here

So the storms have set in for the next few days so we’re not washing today. The wifey is getting a much needed break and I’m getting more time to finish the new intake replacement on my truck.
I finally got tbe new intake fully installed and everything back together but had some problems. It would run great until It warmed up and then would run horrible. It threw a code for mass air flow sensor low input and after my ASE master mechanic brother in law hooked up his scanner and we watched live action read outs, it also showed intermittent misfired a a couple of cylinders.
I still had a bit of coolant in the plug wells so I just finished removing all that moisture and replaced the springs and boots on all my coils. Replaced a couple of vaccum lines, and reseat all the innectors. Waiting now to reset the computer and go for a drive and see how it does.
Swapping out the intake on this truck was a complete nightmare. Ford sure don’t build them for a normal guy to work on anymore…

Made my day! This truck runs perfectly now and noticeably more power. A big job but I saved $1600 in labor cost doing it myself. And the redesigned intake is a huge improvement over the OEM.

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I usually work in the rain can not afford to mess up my schedule by missing a day. Unless its completly down pouring all day. whear are you located?

My wife and I will work in a light rain but it is 50 degrees and rained hard all day long. That’s just too cold to work in. Supposed to be the same way today. Indiana

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I will also work in the rain no problems, that is why I want a roof over my washer… I have a rain suite i put on…I did buy a 10x20 tent to put by my shop…
Now wife is fussing making the back look like chit…