Storm aftermath- blacktop and tennis court cleaning proposal (with video)

Ok, I could really use some input on this one. This is what i would guess to be about 600’ of 10’ wide blacktop driveway, plus a circle drive. also included is a full-size tennis court and about 350 ft2 of tumbled pavers.

the story goes: huge storm, they had 20+ mature trees come down. tree crews have been there for over a week cleaning up. the landscaping is trashed. dirt, mud and debris are tracked everywhere. the tennis court had just been refinished a week before the storm, so it’s new but totally filthy.

the customer is asking for all of it to be cleaned. this is some serious square footage, and some serious dirt. i’m almost wondering if they shouldn’t have a street sweeper truck in there first, just to clean up the heaviest of the dirt.

take a look at the video and you’ll see what we’re dealing with. i could really use some suggestions on pricing and on methods, especially for the blacktop. thanks in advance, everybody.

oh, one more thing- there’s a good chance this will be paid by insurance. not sure if that changes the $$$ approach, but it may be relevant…

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If those surfaces were already clean (not stained) prior to the storm, this looks like just a total rinse job.

8 gpm and some low pressure should clean this with ease.

Heck…just bust out the ball value for the rinse off.

Unless there was old stains before, this should go smoothly.

yeah, that’s what i was thinking, but maybe brooming/blowing the heavy stuff off first. easier than turning it all to mud. i have no idea where to start on pricing though. i’m guessing anywhere from 3k to 10k.

I would do the same as Kevin above suggested. Since it’s an insurance job you could get more money but be advised the homeowner is probably going to get a couple of estimates per insurance companies request.

So that being said how long do you think it would take you to do this job? We would be out of there in 4 hrs at most because we can rinse at 35gpm but that’s us. 10K is totally out of the question. 3k is probably to high as well if you want to get this job

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Im with John on this one also.

From what I can see I would be under the $3K range also.

I think this job would go quicker then you think.

maybe you guys are right, but the video doesn’t do justice to the sheer volume of crap that is on these surfaces. there is mud an inch or two thick in some places. that’s what’s got me nervous.

I see serious drainage issues you will need to address prior to any rinsing

  • $100 tennis court
  • ~$700 for the rest depending on how long it will take to deal with the drainage issues