Storefronts & water supply


Hey guys, I’m gearing up to start cleaning storefronts in addition to residential work this season. In your experience, is there often an available water supply or do you usually supply your own water for storefront cleanings? Anything you would suggest to someone just getting into storefronts?


Make sure you get a water key, in fact get a couple because you’ll lose one, lol. Some do and some don’t. If a strip center may only be one every so often. When you visit site ALWAYS check for water first thing because sometimes they’ll have locks or people prior to you have screwed them up or stripped the threads, all kind of crap. Take your water key and make sure water actually works. Nothing like pulling up to a job at 11pm, it’s darker than hell and the water outlet is screwed up.


I make my own light! Check out a the 1100 lumen H14R.2 headlamp from LED LENSER


@Racer Great tip, I’ll make sure to grab a few and test water first. How much do you charge if you need to supply the water?

@dperez thank you for sharing! I hadn’t given much thought to lighting yet, I was imagining more of “off day” cleaning. I suppose some shops don’t have off days, and night work will be expected though.


Ours are all spray painted bright orange so we don’t leave one in the grass and damage a mower or on a sidewalk to leave behind a little rusty X. Lol.

Bad experience leaving a wrench in the yard as a kid and my dad’s brand new lawn mower he won as a safe driving award from UPS found it.


BIngo on this…having key and checking that water works…also, check all bibbs for water. Was on a job Friday…I had the key, water on backside worked…water on front side did not. Naturally, I have not checked all bibbs…SOOO…I had to fill tank 2 times to finish…added 1hr to the job.


There is a local business here that charges $75 if he has to provide and transport his own water if the owner is unwilling to let them use their water. This is on residential work though.


I do the same! Rural customer are willing to pay it if they have a shallow well and nasty house!