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Hey all! Here’s a quick video on why if you are using square you should stop!


I’m sharing this. That’s a very crappy thing for squareto do. It doesn’t affect me but I don’t like that idea at all. Square is simple but I didn’t know QuickBooks had a card reader. So I’m going to look into that and more than likely purchase from them because when I grow bigger than I am now, I don’t need these problems. Sorry you had to experience this but thank you for sharing

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QB is rapidly becoming an all-in-one. I’ve started using their software as my CRM because you can create great looking estimates and turn them into invoices with one click. Way easier than making them in another CRM and then having to open up another program at the end of the day to input everything. I also have their card reader, but every paying client last year was happy to write a check

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How do you like the card reader? It’s battery powered which compared to the square one is a drawback. Plus you have to pay for the paymentgo app and square is free… man square why do you have to do this!!! Lol

I love quickbooks!

It’s still in the box. Saving it for the nursery. All my customers are plow or box these days as I don’t have time to wash anything. I barely have time to wash my darn truck lol

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I don’t know about your area, but this is a good year to have a plow (unless you pre bid seasonal lots like walmart then more snow is bad). The guy down the road is getting crushed this year on salt but last year he made a killing because there weren’t too many snow days and little ice.

It’s been a good year. I have a good mix of seasonal and per push. Just ordered another 50 tons of salt this morning!

Good for you that you have a mix. I would assume it helps offset the seasonal lots. Another 50 tons, man I don’t know but I heard that salt just shot up again (saying salt but all the ice melters due to texas).

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Lol cargill is shutting suppliers off like a buffer tank on a well. My dealer called me and said “buy it today at the regular price or get a good hairdryer” so I spent 6k and it will get flopped out at the property tomorrow. Now I’m good the rest of the season!

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Never used them, but have heard a lot of negative about them. Have always had decent luck with PayPal.

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wow it is worse than I thought, had a hard time finding any in my area the other day after the ice storm. I have some but don’t want to run out, winter isn’t over for another month and a half. I used way more than usual this year and I sparingly use ice melters. I run my snow pusher on my tractor, then I use a hand snow pusher to scrape it as close to the asphalt or concrete as possible.

Square charges 3.5% and 10 cents per swipe. QB charges 2.4% and 25 cents per swipe. I haven’t used it yet, but I thinks it’s cheaper than the fees you’re using with Square. And yes it’s battery-powered, but it plugs into your phone/laptop/tablet to charge.

I have the free swipe reader with square so it’s 2.6% + 10¢ for swiping the card.

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I used square for several years before going with my current invoicing system, and liked it for the most part. But seeing how they are treating their customers right now, I’m happy to no longer be working with them.

My HCP service plan is grandfathered at 1.99% for all cc transactions (card present or not), and $24/month for the software. I think new members are paying $100+/month for the same features, plus 2.9%-4.5% transaction fees, depending.

Nice! Oh and I was wrong about the QB reader, I just blew the dust off it and looked; it only charges via USB- not your phone.

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Paypal is #1 for a reason

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Paypal is pretty solid for the most part, But it far from perfect. It took me a couple calls for them to stop putting holds on my funds… They where making it a habit of holding funds for 2-3 days at a time.

They did some when I first started, but been with them for years. Plus I usually leave decent amount in that account for ‘rat hole’ money. I just transfer part of it when it gets stupid. I don’t do a lot of cards anyway, probably less than 10% of my customers pay with cards.


Square and I had some pretty significant political differences. They couldn’t pay me to use them.