Stop the presses

Bought my second Chevy ever. First one went thru 3 engines in five years. Taking a chance. On a side note. If you buy a truck with a Tommy lift, make sure it isn’t welded to the truck. Who does such a thing?


How many grills do you own now? 6? Lol

I keep all kinds of scrap metal. Never know lol

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Grown men shouldn’t swear, but man this sucked


Now you can sell the Tommy gate and buy your wife something nice, Winner winner, flat dry cardboard :chicken: dinner just the way ya like it .




Any difference between the red and black Honda’s?

Nope, just the color

How do those newer Ford trucks hold up? I drive the OBS Fords myself. They’re old, but they’re simple, easy to fix, cheap to buy and to maintain. I’ve considered the newer ones but the electronics and more complicated engines scare me off.

They are a rough ride but the 5.4 is pretty much a bullet proof motor with the exception of 2001-2003. I will admit this Chevy is a smoother ride but I need to tint the windows so friends and family won’t recognize me in it.


@Innocentbystander Mr. Page, are your motor and pump skids all angle iron, or is there some tubular steel in there as well? A guy could learn a lot watching you fabricate! Looking good.

My skids are custom built for my local landa guy. They are beefy 3/8 angle iron and flat steel. Powder coated. I can’t take credit for them. Most everything I build is with tube steel as far as trailers and whatnot.

@Innocentbystander Thank you sir.

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Really wanting to go flatbed! I’m over hauling a trailer in traffic

I am so jealous. That’s literally exactly what I’ve been looking for. Good find