Stone Wall Efflorescence

I’m bidding a ton of work for a local golf course. The one thing I don’t have much experience with is efflorescence (or possibly calcite) removal from a stacked stone wall. There’s a lot of area affected, not just a few spots. Because of the size of the area, I want to figure out the most efficient way to remove. Have any of you dealt with a similar issue before? Here’s a few photos:

600 by Prosoco and / or muriatic acid. Read the instructions and dilute in a 5 gallon bucket. Wet wall, brush chem on, agitate, dwell, rinse. Repeat as necessary. To truly fix the wall, the cap stones need to be removed, flashing installed to prevent moisture from entering the wall cavity and then the cap stones relaid. They won’t get repeat efflorescence.


Can’t go wrong with Prosoco.

NMD80 - or F9 - follow directions - spray on - rinse off.

For something like this how long does it take yall? I had a wall when I first started with this exact stuff on it. That I repeatedly put muriatic acid, brushed rinsed but didnt make a dent, the stuff was so thick the best way I could get it off was a chisel and itd come off in chunks. So was the material just way too thick for the muriatic acid to work quickly or would have the other chemicals work better?

If it’s coming off with a chisel the best option is to media blast.

Yeah that’s above my pay grade :joy: I figured no chemical would fix that. Thank you!

If it don’t come off in a couple applications, not sure what to say…I’ve used OneRestore too with good success. Definitely charge accordingly if you’re using that much chem and time.

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You can apply white scum pre soak (EaCo chem), before using onerestore or NMD80. Use the pre soak solution undiluted it will soften it up for the NMD80 detergent.