Stolen yard signs

So I put out 3 yard signs last night around 10pm. This is my first time putting up yard signs. I drove by this morning around 8am, and they were already taken down/stolen/removed. These people are savages around me lol. Does this happen often to you guys?

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Every weekend

Do you recommend any particular time or day of the week to put them up to get maximum exposure?

Put them in customers yards, less chance of getting removed by competition and/or the city


Risk and reward. If you get 1 job off 20 signs you spent 220 dollars on its worth it. People are going to take them no matter when you put them out. Make your peace with it early and save yourself the frustration.


Hook a electric fence box to one and set back and watch lol

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Code enforcement removes them around here.

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Yeah you are leaving ads out for anyone. Just hope the police arent taking them down because of an ordinance. You may get a call then, lol

HOA’s pull them around here. I put “Fence Restoration In Progress Please do not touch” to make is an ad/cautionary sign. That slowed the theft down a lot. One of you more PW savvy guys might be able to come up with something similar that won’t scare people too much.


I started using the frog tape to make a little flag on the legs when I left them at the entrance and exit of one specific HOA that just says approved temporary sign will be removed by 5 pm on…

Then I tore the tape like the date got tore off. This HOA had a vigilante code enforcer that always took my signs because those signs stayed there for 3 days.

No one needed to know I approved the sign there nor that I wasn’t taking an approved sign with no expiration date even if it was my own.

99% of the time we don’t leave yard signs. They only stay out while we work.

I pull them up and use them for targets. Usually just local yard mowing guys and $99 washing companies use them around here.

Why do you pull them?

I only pull them if they are in my neighborhood or the road to my shop. They are illegal in my area if they don’t have a city sticker plus it’s chessy way to advertise.

Very unprofessional to pull other people’s yard signs. Your not the local code enforcement…you have zero rights to do that.


I imagine your being sarcastic though…I didn’t take you for being petty

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I said i only pull them up in my neighborhood and the private road to my shop. I have every right to pull those up. If a company ignores the law and the no solicitation signs to put signs on private property, I’m pulling them. They do look tacky ay intersections but that is up to the county to pull them every few days. They are called bandit signs for a reason. I’m equal opportunity though. I have a collection of political, painting, washing, mowing signs

Yes! Had 3 stolen this week FROM in customers yards!! One competitor was as brash as to put his flyer in their box WHILE my husband and I were doing the driveway. The next day the customer said she cut grass and put it back in the yard and when I went today to do house and gutters, noticed it wasn’t there. She said it was gone since the 2nd or 3rd day. She thought we came to get it. I’m not talking curbside. I’m talking 15 foot inside the yard. In a compact and large neighborhood.

I put mine up 10’ I have a 6’ ladder and Im 6’;5 and they are ALL still up…
They used to get them now to much effort to get them…
i have one in a man’s yard nice neighborhood I get a job I give him $25… He loves it


Put them in private yards of satisfied clients.

Yard signs in public areas will not only be overlooked, they’ll disappear. Your target audience isn’t the ‘We Buy Your House for Cash’ consumer.