Step by step of really bad surface

This is my fathers garage floor. Decided to use it as my first practice pad for pressure washing. How would you go about cleaning this step by step? Remove paint/spray paint first, rust, hard water, oil stainsIMG_0858 ? Bit of everything on this surface.

Why don’t you start by cleaning his driveway first you’ll take away a lot more education than cleaning a garage floor with paint splatters. It’s not really what you will come across on someone’s outdoor concrete or driveway.


forget it “system edit”

I don’t know if you have lurked on here or not, what type of equipment you have, or if you have ever done any painting. I would start by doing some research, that would be the first step. Research each type of stain on the concrete. Then research cleaning concrete. Racer has a nice video on cleaning driveways if you want to watch that. It is very long but has tons of useful pointers in there.

If your dad doesn’t care, then this is the best place for you to try out different chemicals and see what works and what doesn’t. If two paint “splatters” are the same type of paint, that is perfect. Use one with chemical “x” and use another with chemical “y”. Compare and contrast the differences in removal times, costs, and finished product (things like shadows in the concrete or residue that remains).

Meaning? Just give up, let it go?

Trust me that’s where I’d start if I could. Unfortunately it’s a fully asphalt driveway. I’ve researched a lot of chems, I’ve searched a lot of info, and I’ve watched a hell of a lot of tutorials lol jw like would you treat the paint and rust first, then use you SH prewash, or SH prewash, surface clean, dry, then treat rust and paint. I’m sorry for bugging, just watched so many tutorials and stuff my heads spinning. Thank you so much!

He said I have full reign to do as I pleas and try what I must. Thanks for the kind response.

Step one call a professional
Step two be honest with the man and tell him you dont know what you are doing but you found someone who does
Step 3 start reading


I assure you I’ve researched a lot, I’ve done a lot of video watching. I’ve read in depth on different chems. I guess my question would really be… would you treat the paint and rust first then do your SH prewash, or would you do the paint and rust treatment after. Also, it’s my fathers garage. It’s my practice area. I believe I know the chems necessary, just wondering what part youd attack first really.

Two rude messages, I apologize for asking. I’ll refrain from reaching out in the future. I know what chems to use. Just wanted to know what stain youd attack first. Thanks

Ots not rude. That’s called unfiltered honesty. If you know what chems use and how they work and react with each other you already know what to do. Trust me buddy success in this will be based on the decision you make. Not the information you are spoon fed. Do your research, try things. The best advice I can give you is to wear your PPE no matter what you do. Then think about it you cant remove rust under paint till the paint is gone this is not rocket science


Just wash it first after pre-treating with a degreaser. Some of that stuff may come off with surface cleaner. Depending on what type of paint may be able to pressure wash a decent amount of it off, like popping gum. Save the rust for last.

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You shouldn’t need any pre-treat with SH or any at all. SH is for organics like algae and mildew. I guess if there’s some mold in the corner you could hit it with some. A turbo nozzle helps with paint but strippers work even easier. Since that concrete is so smooth I bet most of the paint will come right up with washing just like Rick said.

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Aren’t most garage floors sealed anyways ? I have yet to do a garage floor. Caustic degreasers could strip that seal yeah?

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Some are sealed some are not. Some are polished to the point that they look sealed. You need to know the difference


Thank you man, sorry I was in my head last night lol ask a dumb question expect a straight answer lol thank you though!

Thank you for the reply, but even more so, thank you for your service to this country!

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Thank you sir! I appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

That’s really the answer I was looking for. Just kind of what stain would you attack first or save for last. Thank you again!