Steam/smoke from bottom of burner

I’m having smoke/steam escape from the bottom of my alkota burner and my repair guy says its just steam from the condensation of moisture around the coil. Thing is that this steam lasts indefinitely while the burner is on and only disappears when it’s off.

The burner doesn’t have drain holes at the end of the casing so I can get condensation building up there but it lasts for hours. The insulation is only on the cap ends of the burner as well. When I brought it in they did find diesel leaking around the burner nozzle so I thought that was it. They said they fixed the nozzle but it’s still putting out steam/smoke uncharacteristic of the machine. I never saw it until this week. Now usually I keep the burner at 130-150 but since I was doing interior apartment breezeways this week I wanted the water to evaporate quickly so I ran it at 220.

Anyone experience this? Are they just yanking me? I know professional shops wouldn’t yank someone around but this place that made my rig have had nothing but issues. Most recently I discovered they hadn’t even equipped a proper spare on the rig. I got a flat and the spare was a 6 lug one while my rig had 5 lug wheels. That cost me half a day to figure out. Others on this board know from previous posts The issues I’ve had getting this rig running properly.
Here are some pics of the steam leak

Circled where diesel was leaking from

Alkota insulates the fire box with a coil design that wraps the chamber with incoming cold water. This design sweats a lot! High humidity days exacerbates it. We’ve talked about this in another thread, it’s normal for your coil assembly…wash on.
Coil Cutaway (2)


Is the Stainless tank discolored here? If so you have a hot spot and you should call Alkota about it and talk to them about the defect. Having heat pour out of a coil assembly wrecks havoc on surrounding equipment

The issue is the burner is not igniting but the fuel is spraying intermittently. So diesel collects inside and when the burner does decide to ignite it burns off the collected diesel in the coil.

I brought it to be fixed and they adjusted the spark coils in front of the fuel nozzle. It started working but stopped again. It works very intermittently and IDK why. They replaced one of the spark coils becuase they cracked the ceramic while tightening.

This is a brand new burner blower unit that replaced the one that came with the unit a few months ago. Nothing but issues.