Starting up window cleaning

I am Curious What is The best way to Start up a window cleaning business

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You’ll get a lot more information on the WCR forum. This one is more Power Washing specific.

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Join the Window Cleaning Resource forum and read, read, read. I have
been a window cleaner for 12 years , and am still always learning about
something new. Suggest residential is the way to go.


Yep snag a free account here:

BUT Also feel free to ask some specific questions here I’m happy to help. You can get into window cleaning very easily. Do you currently Pressure Wash?

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High rise?

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thinking more residential right now i am starting fom scratch i do plain to pressure wash in about a year from now just figure window cleaning is less exspensive start up

what would you say a good list of tools i need for residential and i am on a tight budget.
Thank you.
Jackson Green

jackson10, if budget is tight call Alex at Window Cleaning Resource
and they can recommend the very basic tools for a window cleaning
service. I am in Canada , but have been talking/ dealing with WCR
since 2009. These folks will not steer you wrong, and have gone out
of their way to get me equipment not available in Canada.Call Alex!


Here is a very good thread on the topic -

Also take a look here we have put together a few popular kits -

Give us a ring anytime also - 862-266-0677

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jackson10, when you get a chance go to
click on my prices page, this has worked extremely well for me showing
clients how I count windows to give them price I will charge them.Lots of
work and fine tuning went in to getting this to where it is. Good Luck!

So do you charge by the number of window plains ?
Thank you
Jackson Green

@jackson10: if you were addressing me, yes I do charge
by the pane.Set a per pane price, leave the same for all
size, it all evens out in the end.I compare to how long it
should take me to do it times my hourly rate and compare
to charge by per pane pricing. If done correctly, the numbers
should be very close! Never tell a customer what you charge
by the hour for window cleaning! Hope this helps.

I went to the Weekend Window Cleaning School in California and learned Hands-on training. Visit

This is a 4 year old thread.

But welcome anyway…and I’m primarily a window cleaner.

And to think, some poor sap is paying you for “SEO services”… :roll_eyes: