Starting the business

Hello everyone. Hope business is good. Im in Florida and thinking about taking the leap from a stable truck driving career to starting PW business. How did you all start? How did you make the transition? I wont have time really to do both so i would have to quit driving and go all in on PW. Any advice would be great

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If you don’t already know the answer to those questions, it is not the time to leave a stable job. Research, research, research… read the new member introduction thread and get familiar with the search bar on this site. Starting a business is the easy part; making it successful is much harder.


know/research your market. There are a lot of washers on here from FLA. It is apparently a great market due to the moisture and heat causing algea everywhere, but it is also super competitive. From what I have read on the forums, FL PW make less per house than other areas. Maybe not all markets, maybe not all of Florida, but you won’t know without doing your own due diligence.

There was a washer on here before that said he dealt with a lot of foreign competition without insurance, and they weren’t using chemicals. You won’t know that there are 3 competing businesses in your area unless you do research, not just a quick google.

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I already have a plan, I’m just comparing my plan to what others have already done. This is part of my research. Starting a business is risky and not easy when you are leaving a stable job. Ive done PW before as a side gig. Never as a business and never delt with marketing, but have done a few jobs.

Read through the new member introduction thread… that’s where most people have already posted about their journey.

You could also post an introduction and your plan in that thread and it’ll get more eyes on it.