Starting a pressure wash business

I am a teenager and was hoping to start a pressure washing/lawn care buisness with my friend. I was hoping to start within the next week. I have been trying to watch lots of youtube videos on how to do it. I will do the pressure washing and will most likely focus on just driveways and patios. So far I know I will need a good quality pressure washer and a good surface cleaner. Could anyone recommend any relatively cheap? I will most likely do my buddies house then include that on a flyer and will try to pass it around. Maybe I will create some yard signs to. Is this even feasible and am I missing anything? Thanks!

I feel like we get these ‘I’m a teenager and want to stay a business’ posts every couple weeks.

What those YouTube videos don’t show is all the hidden stuff like business, vehicle and equipment insurance, taxes, potential reclaim/EPA entanglements, licensing etc.

Do you have a plan if you tear up someone’s driveway?


and it’s always a partnership… IDK one person on here that their company is a pertnership… :thinking:

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Save a few thousand dollars, research for a few years and ditch the partner.

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I feel like venting lol

I recently sat down and looked over my numbers and I should be profiting around 60k so far into the year, but this doesn’t include end of the year taxes, sales taxes, work comp end of the year that I’ll have to pay since I hired someone for a short time, health insurance (which I don’t have), etc.

I feel like I won’t be making anything and somehow I gotta find a way to “scale” further if I ever want to get out of the field.

The easy part is starting, the hard part is doing this fulltime.

You’re still young so in time you’ll know if you want to do this fulltime or on the side but I would highly encourage you to ditch the partner. If you want to do it with a friend then just have him as an employee not a partner who you’ll split 50-50 with.

Focus on generating the work and then call him when you need an extra hand. That’s how I started and I’m glad I did.

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Let’s encourage the hustle and willingness to work. Too many teens are sitting around and are just plain lazy. Here we have a teen that wants to get after it.

@baseball, you need to read, read, read. There’s gold in these forums.
Search on this site the terms “down stream injector” “house wash” “jrod”. That’ll get you started.
Check out They can get you what you need and get it to you quite fast.
Check Facebook marketplace for a used pressure washer. You want something that’s 4 gallons a minute.
Do those things and report back. :smiley:
Oh, and don’t watch the YouTube vids. There are too many posers out there for you to know the difference at this point.


So true. Lately though you see these Gen Z’s just glued to TikTok and think they can just grab a machine for a couple hundred and go to it. So satisfying.

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It’s mostly scumbag scam artists who are talking about how you can make 1k, 2k, 3k a day and taking pictures with rented Porsches. For just the low cost of their course you too can be rich. So predatory it makes me sick.


there is no “get rich quick” plan…but you should be able to make those numbers, in revenue… they never even seem to understand there is a cost side involved in business too

I’m paraphrasing what someone else said on here when contemplating starting a business with a partner:
Give him half of your startup money, let him kick you in the junk, then shake hands and part ways. You will be better off in the long run.

Only one ship that doesn’t float … partnership … give him the lawn service and you take the wash business there is more money for less time washing … get a 4gpm machine doesn’t matter which one just whatever you can afford get a 16 to 20 inch surface cleaner a professional one not the junk from Lowe’s or tractor supply… get a 12 volt pump a 15 gallon tank a marine battery some hose and build a wand there are plenty videos on how to do so
…best of luck to you my friend if you have any questions send me a message on my website I will answer whatever questions I can to help you not make the mistakes I did when I was starting out