Starter kit for beginners!

Please NO SNOBS with your “stellar” opinions. I’m putting together my starter kit. I plan to mostly do softwashing on homes in my area. I have yet to get started. What basic equipment do I need before starting? I have a DeWalt 3.5gpm unit. I’m thinking what I need to get started and off the ground is:

  1. XJet to reach second story homes
  2. Pink tip for second stories
  3. A roll of at least 100-200 feet of hp hose thrown in the bed of my truck
  4. Bottle of 10% SH from the pool store

Is this my starter kit? Anything else I should add that I’ll need on my few handful of jobs?

Advertising materials are most important.

How much do you have to spend?


It is hard to say how much I have to spend, it depends on what I’m spending it on. I’m more concerned about having the right equipment to do a job before I tell people I can do it.

If thats the case get a better machine


No snobby answers needed, I’m not going to invest thousands into a better machine only to find out I don’t even want to do this. Wouldn’t make sense. This is a STARTER. So everything else is everything I need to get started?

Do u have insurance?

You need supply hose & liability insurance. Also your going to need more than 1 gal of SH


That machine will work will just take you a little longer. But repetitively saying no snobby answers is not going to get you anywhere on this forum. Plenty of info on this topic


If all you want to do is softwash why are you buying all that stuff. Personally I think softwash only means we can only do part or the job . But it’s a trendy thing lately I guess . Back to my point if your . Get a fatboy 12 volt pump some hose and a 50 gallon tank to mix you solution. And walah your a soft washer


Preach Jay Davis, Preach.

Wants to be hand feed. Good luck in your experiment dude


You need to leave this forum with that attitude. We are not encouraging “starter companies” that do things the cheapest way possible just to test out the market. With the attitude you have of not being sure you will never make it…

If you do things the cheap way, you will not like being in the business.


I would honestly invest more into advertising (door hangers and yard signs) and get your schedule filled up and have mediocre equipment


Having a nice rig and no work…

But I guess I’m confused on your post ? Are you asking for advice?

Your going to get a lot of backlash with not wanting to start out with 20k in equipment but the truth is most started out with a box store pressure washer and worked our way up.

If that’s your goal then great but don’t be that guy three years into business hauling around a dewalt 3gpm.

Also can you take a video of you trying to untangle the 200 ft of pressure hose that’s on a reel?


Wise words right there!

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In all honesty every business should test out the market before being fully committed.

I’d hate to see someone spend 10k on equipment and then hate the job or not be able to schedule any jobs.

“Test” varies on case by case depending on industry and markets.

I think your basic test for this industry is that if you can fill your schedule 50 hours a week for two seasons in a row for at least 7months then it’s “safe” to say you’ll be in business for a while.


@Donut wasn’t giving you a snobby answer he was just speaking truthfully. If you’re just wanting to make a test run then rent a professional machine until you decide. I would be miserable using a homeowner machine like you’re talking about. If you don’t have a general liability policy for the sake of you,your family and your customer don’t wash anything until you do


So no one is going to let me know what I should have to get started or what they started with? :unamused: they’re just going to say my equipment is crap? Thanks for the help guys.

Haha click on the link I posted above. That post is what I started with



Bro did you not read All the post that responded. They all answered you questions. Drop the attitude