Started at 9am... home by 3am?

I’m officially pooped.

Started Window cleaning at 9am.
Around lunchtime I cleaned the windows on the wrong house.
Then I drove 200km to pressure wash and Window clean a bank.
Then I drove some more and I’ve just cleaned another bank.
Now it’s after 1am and I just have to find a pie then drove home. Fingers crossed ill be back in my bed by 3am. I’m Going straight home and dumping van and trailer on the lawn!


Who’s feeding the dolphins if your at work all day

@BuzzLightyear feeds them Kings candy cigarettes. It keeps them full and happy for days on end


Dolphin biscuits are expensive man! I’m working all night to buy them another bag of food.

In the Wild they like to eat weaker prey like AwesomeTigerSharks

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Just arrived home at 2.40am. Including drive time I’ve been on the work clock for 18.5 hours. I need a candy!

What’s a km :wink:

Kiwi mile


That’s crazy, how did you find out it was the wrong house? Did they pay you for the work you did?

That’s barely over 1/2 a day.

Jeez how long are your days!

Barely under 37 hours if my math works out.