Start up question

hello everyone,
I’ve been here reading and have a few questions on accessory equipment. I’m going to pick up a 5.5/2500 belt drive, I remember reading that I should order a one size machine smaller ( I think) chemical injector for DS. So order a 4 GPM injector ? I plan I’m getting a jrod, surface cleaner, 100ft on flexzilla and 150 pressure line and a mix of detergents brushes etc. anything major that I’m forgetting that should be bought initially ? I’m planning on starting small with just a few jobs and buying more/ better equipment as I grow.

Buffer tank, plumbing supplies, ball valve, gun, extra pressure hose, extra flexzilla…my list is long (starting this year)

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I should have mentioned I am getting a 35 gal buffer tank with the plumbing supplies needed to run the unloader line back into the tank to keep it circulating

I would edit the post to provide a detailed list to allow people to see if you’re missing something large or small.

Doing any concrete cleaning such as sidewalks and driveways?

Yes sir. Mainly just residential walkways. Not very many sidewalks or concrete driveways in my area

Ask the other guys, but 2500 may not be enough after 150’ of hose.

Ordering a surface cleaner?

Yes, I planned on ordering the gp hammerhead to start with since it’s a little less cost and still seems to have decent reviews.

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Get a couple of each size injectors and tinker. If you are only using 150ft of hose you should be ok with the 5.5 injector

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I would say 200’ of supply hose and 200’ of pressure hose as a minimum. :+1:

Get an X-Jet. The Flexzilla is really important, I skimped on it and bought normal hose since the Green stuff is difficult to source here and I rue the day. Kinking hose is such a pain in the ■■■. Oh, you can move the DS injector up the hose if you can’t get it to draw. Just set it up with QCs.

Why the x-jet ? I just planned on DS’ing everything vs carrying a bucket around everywhere.

I guess it depends on what kind of jobs are around you. If it’s just siding washing, then I suppose you don’t need the X-Jet. If you have any pavers, concrete, natural stone, those are porous materials that need a stronger solution you cannot put out with the downstreamer. A watering can can work for smaller areas, I suppose.

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Extra O rings is a must.