Standard Operating Procedures


Has anyone been asked for a document with their “Standard Operating Procedures”? I’m trying to crack into a large commercial account and they requested ‘a book of my SOP’s.’ I don’t have anything like this written down, but if anyone has experience with this, I appreciate any input. Thanks.


I have never had a company ask me for that. Granted I do very little commercial work but to me it sounds like the guy is giving you a smoke screen objection. I would be interested to know why they would ask for it. I have been asked for insurance certificates, licenses, certifications (plumbing), bond certificate, release of liability forms, zoning\code permits, amd other odds and ends. But never a standard operating procedure manual… Maybe the guy is going to start pressure washing and is to lazy to write his own. Hahahahaha lol


I think it’s just standard protocol for the company and maybe for larger corporations. I told them I wanted to wash all of the locations in my state in a cold email and he reached back out to me requesting the SOPs, that’s why I don’t think it is an objection but probably just an evaluation of my company. Also, I don’t think he would start a pressure washing company as the Regional COO of a large chain retail store lol but that would most definitely be a good way to get a start! I guess I’ll just get to writing out the SOPs and send them over and see what happens. Would be a great contract to take on! Thanks for the reply!


No but an operations officer may be writing up a manual for his maintenance teams and if you do the work for him, since he does not actually do this type of work himself, then he saved himself many hours or research/writing… But who knows maybe next month your cleaning all 50 states… Rock,and roll bro…


Ahhh yes I see your point. That would be a dick move lol.

Worth an effort any way.


Seems like a good opportunity for you to create something you’ll need for your company, whether you get this account or not. I’m looking into creating something for the safety compliance aspect of SOPs.