Stamped Concrete Sealant

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I try not to ask repeat questions and I searched for this without much success. So, sorry if there is a thread already created, maybe I just overlooked it.

I’m doing a quote on a patio Monday, lady says it’s stamped concrete with a pink like tint to it. From my reading it seems that the sealer is very delicate on stamped concrete? Correct/educate me if I’m wrong please. So I guess my question is do you have to reseal it regardless after using a SC? Do you risk “washing out” the pigment or something to that affect? I guess just general education is what I’m looking for.
Running 4/4 pressure Pro Belt Drive, WW 16" Ultra with stock 2502 nozzles.
Once again, if there’s a thread that I happened to overlook, my apologies. I try not to be “that guy” on here.

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Yeah, you have to be careful with that stuff.

Looking at the nozzle calc, say your machine is really putting out 4/3500 after some hose. I wouldn’t put more than 1800psi on that (test of course) so you’d want 2503’s. Watch for any color running off.

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Thanks man good to know! It’s a fairly small area (according to her so that could just be relative) and customer thinks it’s less than 10 years old.
Does a hw mix, then just rinsed with a ball valve work safely for it?

You’ll want to use some pressure. House wash mix alone won’t clean it good enough. If you want to soft wash it you’ll have to up your SH percentage.

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So do you concur about the nozzle change for the SC for this job?

Yeah. I would lower the pressure or soft wash it. Either way I’d test it in a small spot before proceeding. Use a nozzle on your wand to test if it’s safe for the pressure. I’m sure it is but I’m always afraid I’m going to get a job with poor quality tint.

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Thanks for the input! I also think I’m gonna judge what kind of customer she might be too because it’s sounding like there’s risk involved for such a small job and I dont want a customer that will potentially try and bend me over on something for such little work

Just make sure you convey expectations then include that in your estimate if you’re concerned so it’s in writing.

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Will do

so I ordered the 2503 nozzles, just waiting for them to get here, just figured I would show you what it looks like in case you have any other pointers

Yup, should clean up nice. Don’t let the SC sit in one spot, and do a test off to the side first.:+1:

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Is that a guaranteed reseal job after washing even with the 2503? The customer wants to avoid spending the money to have the patio resealed. Maybe I’m just over thinking this whole stamped concrete thing lol.

Stamped concrete is no different than regular concrete. They concrete finishers just stamped it with a pattern after pouring. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s concrete in anyway. You could run barefoot across a freshly poured pad and call it stamped concrete but it’s still concrete.


Haha ok touchè. I’ll chill out with worrying about it and just get it done lol